Rules and Regulations

In all institutions, public or private, there are rules and regulations set to control behavior and to make possible and smooth operation of said institutions. This school Confidence is no different.
Thus, it is our hope that each student carefully reads this handbook and digests the content. Meanwhile, we do not hope to enslave our students with strait-jacket rules as these rules might be considered, rather we hope this handbook will serve as a guide for you, as you pursue your educational endeavor.

  • Class sponsor should always remind their class about school programs, school project, PTA meeting schedules, grades follow up to the office, incompletes and accuracy of grades for students.

  • When student(s) or teacher(s) is suspended, he/she must leave campus until the suspension is lifted by the Administration. Student grades that are up hold by the teacher with no tangible reasons is punishable with 10% deduction.

  • Any student who fails to deliver a letter, citation or message or carry miss-information from the school to their parents is punishable for two days. Any teacher found drinking or under the influence of alcohol or narcotics while on campus will be suspended for two weeks, any repeated offense will lead to dismissal. All final decisions on the part of students leading to suspension and expulsion shall pass through the principal’s office for endorsement or approval.


  • No student is allowed to be in the hallway during class period without a pass. Any student found out of class without pass will be punished accordingly.

  • No student is allowed to hang around campus when he/she is asked to leave campus. Violators will be punished accordingly.

  • No student should be caught outside the classroom after recess. Violators will be punished accordingly.

Religious Activities

All students of Confidence School System are to attend all religious activities including Devotions and General Assemblies which will be held on every last Friday of every month. Any student failing to attend any such activities will be punished.

Extra Curriculum Activities

There is a need for extra curriculum activities which do not and must not take precedence over academics. These activities are not limited to sports only but also Inter-Class Quizzing, African Custom, Debates, Drama, Color Day and etc.


  • Disrespect to staff in the form of insult, assault and failure to adhere to class rules and regulations is not allowed by students, any student found guilty of this act will be subject to one day hard labor on campus. Second offense two weeks suspension any repeated act will lead to expulsion
  • No student while in uniform is allowed to visit places of entertainment including bars, night clubs, video center, etc.
  • All students are required to equally respect members of the administrative, teaching and support staff of the institution. Any disrespect in the form of disobedience or assault or insult etc, by any student to any of the staff, that student will be liable to two weeks punishment for the first offense and suspension or expulsion for repeated violation.
  • Grievances from students should be passed through the sponsors of the class before reaching the Dean of Students’ Office.
  • No student is allowed to bring any electronic device including earphones, earpiece, iPod, tablets, radio, cassette players, DVD player, or any pornographic magazines. All such items when caught will be seized and returned at the end of the academic year. In case of emergency, Mobile phones should be presented to the Dean of Students before devotion or classes begin daily.
  • Any student who destroys school property (ies) will be required to replace it. Failure the student will be sent home until such item is brought or paid for
  • No student is allowed to be in possession of things like: razor blades, knives, toy guns, nail files, crocheting pins or any harmful objects. Violators will be punished accordingly.
  • No student will be allowed to receive visitor during school hours except for emergency or upon request from the parents/guardians. Such cases will be considered during recess period. No student is allowed to take visitor(s) into the class room. All visitors are to visit the Vice-Principal for Students Affairs office before any student is allow out.
  • No student is allowed to see visitor(s) during test or exams. No teacher is allowed to take bribe from any student. Any teacher found will be given a written warning and caught in the second act will be dismissed.

Dress Code

  • The school uniform must be worn during regular school hours, Monday to Friday and also at school activities except during P. E days.

  • No student is allowed to bring colorful shoes string to school, any student found in this act, the shoes string will be destroyed.

  • All male students are required to barb a regular low haircut, no extraordinary hairstyle is allowed. No bear or mustache.

  • All female students are required to wear a maximum of ten hair plats all up or down at school. The wearing of attachment, hair decoration, hair bands while in school is strictly prohibited. This rule is for all girls except the queen for the school.

  • No student is allowed to wear neck lets, sweaters, blouses, T-shirts in addition to the regular uniform while in school.

  • Any student who for any reason must wear anything other than the official uniform on campus, and at the school related activities must present a letter of excuse from parents/guardians to the office of the Disciplinary Committee, who shall grant such permission.
  • Except by permission, no student is allowed to bring extra clothing to school for the purpose of immediately changing uniform after school, (Daycare students are exceptional of this rule).

  • Uniform worn must be pressed and cleaned. No students will be allowed in class who is not properly dressed or otherwise not presentable. All foot wears must agreed with the required shoes mentioned in this handbook. Except with proper excuse, no students will be allowed to enter class wearing slippers or sandals.

  • Continuous violation of any of these codes may lead to punishment, suspension or expulsion.

  • All students will be inspected by the school administration along with the senior students every school day for proper attire of school uniform.

  • No teacher is allowed to seize & keep student’s material for more than one school day. Every item(s) when seized should be turned over to the Vice-Principal’s for Students Affairs.


  • All students are required to be on the school campus each school day on or before 7:30 am to participate in the daily morning devotion and flag raising activities.

  • Classes begin at 8:00 and ends at 2:00pm, gate closes at 8:00am. Students coming after this time will be considered late and will not be permitted to enter class.

  • Habitual latecomer will be given a warning and parents/guardians will be called upon for a forum at the end of the period.

  • All students are required to attend classes each school day. Any student who is absent from class for three(3) days in a week without excuse will be given a letter of warning and parents will be asked to come for forum for the first offense.
  • Repeated acts will lead to suspension, expulsion/NTR at the end of the semester.

  • Any student absent from school as a result of illness, bereavement, accident, etc must present appropriate excuse from the hospital, parent or guardians to the office of the Disciplinary Committee before such students is granted permission to attend class. Any student leaving campus without excuse will be considered a boycott and will be punished accordingly.

  • ¬†Any student leaving campus without permission from the Disciplinary Committee will be suspended for three (3) days for the first offense and must return with parent. Second offense may lead to expulsion.