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Profile of Confidence School System

The construction of the Confidence School System began in the year 2011. The dream and aspiration to construct said institution came into being as a result of the growing number of children who were denied the opportunity of going to school base on the fact that their parents could not afford transporting them to distant schools. Due to the above mentioned, The proprietor (Mr. Chris Chiewolo), a Para medical practitioner and a humanitarian saw the need to establish this institution in Cooper Farm Community, a remote part of Paynesville which comprises of less fortunate people in other to minimizing the risk of illiteracy and financial constraint imposed on parents by transporting their kids from said community to other distant schools.

The proprietor who is not in the employed of government neither works for a salary up to $500.00USD sold his personal properties just to impact in the lives of a less fortunate Community without  assistance from Government or any humanitarian organization.
The elementary building was completed July 2012and doors were successfully opened to the Daycare and Elementary students in September 2012.

After a successful 2012 - 2013 Academic year, the Community petitioned to the proprietor that the Confidence Daycare and elementary  be elevated to a junior high school so that the youth of said Community can make use of the opportunity to avoid  traveling far distances for schooling.

Again after an excellent and successful operation, the Community in collaboration with the P.T.A Board saw the need to make another petition again after all the 9th graders successfully passed the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams. The successful passing of the examination encouraged the parents to make more appeal to the proprietor (Mr. Chris Chiewolo) for another building to host Sr. high session. In this like, the proprietor was left with no other alternative but to sell his personal properties to continue his humanitarian journey. The appeal was forwarded to the District Educational Officer (D.E.O) after the senior high school building was completed and was inspected, evaluated and approved by the (D.E.O) before the opening of the senior high session which has brought total ease to students and even parents. Subsequently, after the school reached senior high level, the Parents’ Teachers Association (P.T. A) Along with the board of the institution asked the proprietor that the institution name be change from the Confidence daycare, elementary and Jr. High School to “Confidence School System’’.

Since the elevation of said institution to Sr. high school, the number of students has increased tremendously beyond our expectation and that of the community dwellers with the total population of over 600 students.

In Academic year 2015/2016 the institution registers a total number of forty-nine senior students for the west African Examination Council (WAEC) Exam and encouragingly, forty-eight of them were successful giving the school 97.959 percent in the (2016 WAEC) Exam. As in previous year, all the 9th graders again successfully passed the  2016 West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams.

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