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With a heart full of thanks we welcome you to Confidence School System Humanitarian support program. By now you have embraced our Mission to offers a cost-effective and meaningful education that will enhance student learning and stresses a training of the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspect of an individual. In order to provide quality education that will improve the lives of our students from that of third world development to that of global supplier, your humanity is appreciated. In view of the above, we have included a few funding opportunities, including programs, projects and the proper means for donating to the school. We welcome your assistance and look forward to your involvement in aiding the Confidence School System to raise the standard of Education in Liberia that will produce good human resources for our nation and the world at large.


Computer Literacy Program

  • Reason: The program is envisioned to provide Beginner and Intermediate levels computer knowledge, to increase computer literacy in the cooper Farm Community and it’s environ. 
  • Targeted Beneficiaries:  over 600 regular students and the community dwellers.
  • Cost: $15,000


Women Empowerment Program

  • Reason: to provide skill training opportunity in the area of: Tailoring, Pastry, Hair dressing Home Art and Interior designing.
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: one hundred (100) less fortunate women in the Cooper Farm community to help sustain their family.
  • Cost: $35,000



  • Reason: to offer an educational assistance to less fortune children who are eager to acquire education.
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: (25) EBOLA victim children and other vulnerable children in the    community without sponsorship.
  • Cost: $ 8,750 ( $250 for each student (25+10) )



Construction of a Community Science Laboratory

  • Reason: to build the capacity of the students through practical and hands on learning that will promote Science Education in Liberia.
  • Targeted Beneficiaries:  Confidence School System and ten  (10) neighboring schools from Paynesville to  Careysburg Community, Montserrado County
  • Cost: $101,818


Construction of additional Classes

  • Reason: to reduce over crowdedness of classes
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: both old and new students
  • Cost: $8,500


School Bus

  • Reason: Provide transportation for students, Instructors and Administrations
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: students, Instructors and Administrations
  • Cost: $18,000



  • Reason: To have a Library that will enable students to do assignments and improve their research skills
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: Nursery to Grade 12
  • Cost: $30,000


Construction of  Basketball & Volleyball Patch

  • Reason:  to develop student hidden talent
  • Targeted Beneficiaries: the students and the community dwellers
  • Cost: $5,000

Ways to Donate to Confidence
Ecobank Liberia (US Dollars) – Account No.  0161034724931001

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